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Heal, Balance, Train

Many kids and adults struggle with over sensitivities. This can cause them to struggle functioning in life. This approach is a different way of looking at this problem by helping address it in a non medication way. 

Phase 1: Heal - Our bodies have a natural ability  to heal but when they are overloaded struggle to overcome that overload. This phase involves our Theralight 360 device to help stimulate the cells that are overloaded and struggling to heal to overcome that barrier. During this healing process we use a technology called interactive metronome to help improve neural timing to start to link up the connections that are healing. 

Phase 2: Balance - Continued use of our Theralight device provides support of the cells and the Interactive Metronome helps in Neural Timing. At this point a process called Syntonics is used to help balance the Autonomic Nervous System. This is a light therapy specifically thru the eyes that can balance and stimulate the brain.

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